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Information about the general situation in Greece

Dear Labyrinth Students and friends from all over the world,

Greece the last days has been in the center of the news with various of comments from the universal media.
Therefore, we would like to clarify some points related to the every day life here in Greece and to our seminars in Labyrinth Musical Workshop that will take place as they are planned.
1. The foreign bank cards have no limit to withdrawals from ATM's. Which means that all tourists in Greece can take as much money as they like from the banks.
2. Every day life has not changed in Greece. The food supplies,public and private transport and every kind of resources are as they were before.

If you need further clarifications, we are at your disposal.

Our warm regards
Musical Workshop Labyrinth Staff

Αλλαγή Ημερομηνίας Σεμιναρίου

Το σεμινάριο 'Κρητικό Λαούτο' με το Γιώργη Μανωλάκη θα διεξαχθεί  Κυριακή πρωί 30/08/2015 έως Παρασκευή πρωί 04/09/2015.


Oι μαθητές που ενδιαφέρονται να συμμετέχουν σε σεμινάριο Masterclass παρακαλούνται να μας στείλουν μια σύντομη ηχογράφηση τους καθώς και ένα συνοδευτικό κείμενο με την εμπειρία τους στο

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