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Christos Barbas - New Repertory & Composition in Modal Music

ΜπάρμπαςType of seminar: Open - Music Group

Scores: It is recommended that participants have a good level of site reading. (It would be useful for the teaching process if the students can bring a tablet with them).

Level of Participants: All musicians and instruments are welcome, as composition will not be considered as something that is exclusively the domain of certain "select composers", but as something everyone can try and do.

Seminar's Subject:

In recent years there has been a growing interest in new compositions based on modal music traditions. This seminar will focus on studying and playing this wide repertoire from various composers, and will also work as a composition and improvisation lab, as Christos himself has been actively involved in composing various kinds of music in recent years.

Christos Barbas is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, focusing mainly on woodwind instruments, but also piano, singing, studying traditional, classical and spiritual musics from around the world and composing new music...


Event Properties

Event Date 20-08-2018
Event End Date 25-08-2018
Individual Price 230€
Epar.Od. Knossou - Charaka 358, Choudetsi 701 00, Greece
230€ 2

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