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Uğur Önür - The Music and the Instruments of the Nomads of South-West Anatolia

OgurUğur Önür's seminar will focus on the repertoire as well as the Kabak Kemane, ikliğ, and Heğit, instruments of the South-West Anatolia’s tradition. Turkish tribes, having immigrated from Central Asia to Anatolia, preserved many of the traditions which they carried with them from their homeland, as well as absorbing cultural elements of the other communities in the region which had different traditions. The name Yörük is ascribed to a branch of these Turkic tribes who adopted a nomadic pastoral way of life in the areas of "Yaylak" and Kışlak in Southwest Anatolia. The Yörük people, due to their relative isolation in the mountainous regions, also preserved the instruments which they carried with them from Central Asia such as the fiddles known as Kabak Kemane, ikliğ, and Heğit (the latter being a relative of the Lyra). Over the course of many centuries they developed their own unique repertoire of folk music as well as playing techniques for their instruments.

The seminar is open to bowed microtonal instruments.

Necessary level for the participation:
• Medium knowledge level
• Basic level of modal systems
• Knowledge of Music writing is helpful

Uğur Önür is one of Turkey's most active musicians in the field of regional folk traditions to teach a seminar focusing on the traditions primarily of the South West of Turkey. Uğur Önür, despite his relatively young age, is considered to be one of the foremost exponents of these traditions in Turkey today.


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Event Date 15-08-2017
Event End Date 20-08-2017
Individual Price 230€
Rhodes, Greece
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