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Valid registration

To apply for a seminar it is obligatory to make a registration by filling the on-line form on our web site

The registration remains active for 15 days. After this period, a reminding message will be sent to the participant in order to procced to a payment. In case no answer is received within three days, the registration will be automatically deleted and a new one needs to be done.

You can now reserve a place at the seminar you are interested in, with a deposit of 50€, only!


Fees payment

It is possible to complete the payment n more than one parts: first one, within 15 days counting from the date of registration and the rest of total amount, a month before the seminar starts. In any case the secretary must be informed on time!

In case multiple payments are made for the same seminar, the additional bank expenses for Labyrinth Musical Workshop, need to be paid by the participant.

The seminar fee does NOT cover any transport, food or accommodation expenses.


Multiple Seminars

Students who wish to participate in more than one open seminars will have a discount of 30 euros.

Please consult the prices below:

Number of Open Seminars - Seminar fee (€)

1) 230€
2) 430€
3) 630€
4) 830€
5) 1030€
6) 1230€

*Master classes are excluded from the multiple seminars policy.

Place of seminars

1) Rhodes(Ρόδος) is a Greek island in South Eastern Aegean Sea.

The Seminars will take place in the Rhodes City.


The seminars take place in the villages Houdetsi & Ayios Vasilios ( Arhanes Asterousia Municipality) in Heraklion, Crete in a distance of 20 and 22 km respectively from Heraklion city center.

*The exact place/village where the seminar will take place will be announced one week in advance.



Any participant who uses accommodation facilities recommended by Labyrinth Musical Workshop has to follow the instructions of the accommodation coordinator and stay obligatory in the village of the seminar. Each room needs to be remained in good condition and all room rules to be respected.
Accommodation is provided to the participants only for the days of their seminar and can be expanded one day before the seminar starts only in condition there is availability.
The fees for accommodation will be paid at the accommodation coordinator by cash the day of the arrival.


Cancellation policy

For cancellations that are made:

• More than 2 months before the seminar starts, 100% of the total amount will be refunded
• Between 8 to 4 weeks  before the seminar starts, 80% of the total amount will be refunded
• Less than 4 weeks before the seminar starts, 20% of the total amount will be refunded

* In any case the bank expenses are charged to the participant

Certificate of participation

Certificate of participation will be given only to those who completed the entire seminar.


Recommended practices

It is not recommended to move from the one seminar to the other without preventing and getting approval from the secretary.
Participation in half of the seminar is not recommended neither, in case it’s done the participant will have to pay the whole seminar fee.



Upcoming Events

There are no up-coming events