Workshop's Teachers
The teachers that are currently participating in the Workshop's activities

ManwlakisGiorgos Manolakis was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1982. He started practicing the laouto at the age of 8 under the guidance of his father, Kostas Manolakis, who was one of the foremost laouto players of his generation. 

Martha mwbMartha Mavroidi is a singer, lutist and composer from Greece. She has been singing and playing folk lutes from her childhood, performing music from Greece and the Balkans.

ΜάνοςManos Achalinotopoulos, considered by critics, composers and musicologists as the best clarinet performer of the new generation in Greece. He has traveled playing clarinet, cawal, shawm and flutes in more than 20 countries all over the world, while participating in concerts and Festivals of great prestige. What makes him so special is the mixing of the traditional style of playing the clarinet and its special idioms with Jazz, Balkan Ethnic style and influences of the western music.

tobias 1Born in 1976, he studied drums at the Escola de Música de Badalona and Taller de Músics de Barcelona with David Xirgu, Àlex Ventura and Tito Busquets, and percussion with Ernest Martínez and Enildo Rasúa. He complements this academic training with long stays in West Africa and Turkey. Percussionist and drummer attracted by world music and new sounds. He travels through all continents, being able to know different languages of percussion, until, thanks to Eliseo Parra, gets in touch with the tradition of the Iberian Peninsula. He is the creator and director of Coetus, Iberian percussion orchestra, project in which he has managed to give his own language to these traditional instruments adapting the proposal to the current context. In addition to playing for half the world with the orchestra, he teaches countless workshops spreading the Iberian percussion and everything that surrounds it.

kelly newKelly Thoma was born in Piraeus in 1978. Since 1995, she has been studying the lyra with Ross Daly and three years later started travelling with him and his group, “Labyrinth”, participating in concerts in Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S. She has taken part in many projects with musicians from various different traditions from other countries.

Tax 1

Taxiarchis Georgoulis was born in Kalamata in 1993. Dealing with music began at the age of eight, with the bouzouki.

Some years later addressed the mainland lute under the guidance of Eliah Kappakou and later by Christos Zotos, playing at festivals and concerts throughout Greece.



Hooshan FAHooshang Farahani was born (1967) in Farahan (the central province of Iran).
He is a graduate of Psychology, Educational science and Ethnomusicology (Art University of Tehran). He has started learning Tar and Setar at a young age and later has continued with the music composition.

Μαύρος ΓιώργοςYorgos Mavromanolakis was born in 1978 inHeraklion, Crete. At an early age he attended the Greek Conservatory of Heraklion and he subsequently began to study traditional instruments such as the laouto, mandolin, guitar and later the oud. He has studied many different kinds of traditional Greek music as well as Rembetiko and modern Greek music. In recent years he has focused on eastern musical traditions. 


Murat Aydemir is one of Turkey's finest tanbur players. He has successfully managed to integrate all of the knowledge and experience of the older generation of master tanbur players together with new techniques and ideas in a particularly harmonious and tasteful style.


Christos Barbas, multi_instrumentalist and composer is one of the most multifaceted and creative musicians coming from Greece. From an early age he studied the recorder, baroque music, harmony and counterpoint, finishing his studies of Western music in 2002. He studied musicology and ethnomusicology (Mmus) in the Department of Music at the University of Aristotelio (Thessaloniki) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (London). Since 2003 he focuses on the study of Ney, Sufi and classical Ottoman music with outstanding performers in Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. At the same time he studies and plays several instruments of different musical cultures (kaval, piano, bansuri, irish whistles etc.)

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