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Type of seminar: Open - Instrumental

Level of participants: Intermediate

Sight reading: No prerequisite for participation

The musical seminar taught by Muhlis Berberoglu is a unique opportunity to explore the rich and vibrant world of Turkish folk music. As a master musician and one of today’s foremost virtuosi on the long-necked baglama, Berberoglu brings many years of experience and a deep knowledge of traditional techniques and repertoire to his teaching.


Event Date 07-08-2023 6:00 pm
Event End Date 12-08-2023 1:00 pm
Individual Price 230€
Location Choudetsi

Type of seminar:
 Instrument Centered

Participant level: Intermediate

Sight Reading: not necessary

This seminar will focus on the role & the playing styles of darbuka in different countries. More specifically the students, under the guidance of Şakır Ozan Uygan, will work on various techniques & will become more familiar to rhythmic compositions (older & contemporary) coming from various music traditions.  


Event Date 14-08-2023 6:00 pm
Event End Date 19-08-2023 1:00 pm
Individual Price 230€
Location Anogia

Type of seminar: Open - Instument centered

Participant level: Basic to Intermediate

Sight Reading: not always necessary

In this seminar we will focus on compositions coming from a variety of epochs which demonstrate the musical richness of different cultures and gives us the possibility to combine different instruments in varied style.

By using the MES(H)K system, we will discover how music pieces could be played with or without scores as well as we will work on Solfege, and understand the rhythm and the way we sing and play the music pieces.

Event Date 28-08-2023 6:00 pm
Event End Date 02-09-2023 1:00 pm
Individual Price 230€
Location Choudetsi