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The Official Poster & the Program of the Concerts in the center of Heraklion City (Vitouri Gate)


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1 /7  Sunday

1st part | Compositions of Zohar Fresco with
Zohar Fresco, Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma &
Members of «Mitos» Orchestra

2nd part | Compositions of Ross Daly with
Zohar Fresco, Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma & Members
of «Mitos» Orchestra

8 /7  Sunday

1st part | The modal music in the world of the
Greek clarinet with Manos Achalinotopoulos
& Members of «Mitos» Orchestra

2nd part | Music for 4 voices with Martha
Mavroidi, Tasos Poulios, Maria Melachrinou
& Irini Derembei

15 /7  Sunday

1st part | Ragas of North India with Ido Segal,
Yianni Zanni & Members of «Mitos» Orchestra

2nd part | The music of Western Crete with Stratis
Skarakis, Dimitris Sideris, Yiannis Papatzanis

22 /7  Sunday

1st part | Original Compositions by the Tokso
Quartet with Kelly Thoma, Eleonore Billy, Anne
Hytta, Sigrun Eng

2nd part | Ottoman Classical Music with Omer &
Ahmet Erdogdular & Members of «Mitos» Orchestra

29/7  Sunday

1st part | Covers of traditional songs and compositions
for guitar and double bass of Theodora
Athanasiou and Pavlos Spyropoulos with Theodora
Athanasiou, Pavlos Spyropoulos & Members of
«Mitos» Orchestra

2nd part | The Music of Iran with Hooshang
Farahani & Members of «Mitos» Orchestra

5 /8  Sunday

1st part | The Music of Istanbul with Yurdal
Tokcan, Goksel Baktagir & Members of «Mitos»

2nd part | The Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet with
Sokratis Sinopoulos, Dimitris Tsekouras, Dimitris
Emmanouil & Yiannis Kyrimkyridis

12 /8 Sunday

1st part | The Oud in Iranian Music with Negar

2nd part | The Music of Armenia with Tigran
Aleksanyan, Arcadi Bogossian & Members of
«Mitos» Orchestra

19 /8 Sunday

1st part | Milo ke Mandarini «The music of Iberia»
with Carlos Ramirez, Isabel Martin, Christos
Barbas, Miriam Encinas Laffitte

2nd part | The Music of Medieval Italy with
Patrizia Bovi, Peppe Frana, Ross Daly
& Kelly Thoma

26 /8 Sunday

Final Concert of the «Mitos» Orchestra


*The orchestra ‘Mitos’ has been established in 2017 and is comprised of young talented musicians whose task it will be to accompany the teachers of Labyrinth Musical Workshop in the weekly summer concerts.

This summer the members of the orchestra are as follow:

• Pavlos Spyropoulos (double bass)
• Eleni Kokkala (oud)
• Mary MAvroudi (lavta)
• Chryssa Karaiskou (kanun)
• Lilly – Ann Bezalel (Ney, Bansuri)
• Matthieu Clavel (Rabab, Tar)
• Carlos Ramirez (Yayli Tanbur, Saz, Vielle a Roue, Oud)
• Yoni Ben Dor (Percussion)
• Mayu Shviro (Cello)
• Chrysanthi Gkika (Kemençe)
• Isabel Martin (percussion, singing)