Members of the orchestra 2019:

Pavlos Spyropoulos (Maestro 2019): Double bass

Danai Loukidi: Violin

Giorgos Vallianatos: Lavta

Dimitris Karnahoritis: Saz

Mikela Eizenstein: Laouto, Oud

Alexis Chavakis: Lyra with sympathetic strings

Abe Ayako: Ney

Meir Gassenbauer: Ney

Kirill Osherov: Percussion

Aitor Αlarcon Solana: Rabab, Hurdy-gurdy, Oud

Tolga Karaslan: Turkish Oud

Sarel Hacohen: Κanun

Yasamine Shahhosseini: Persian Oud


The Musical Workshop Labyrinth, in an effort to expand its educational activities, offers the opportunity to young and talented musicians to participate in its Modal Orchestra called ‘Mitos’.

The essential aim of this project is to offer to the participants a closer and more comprehensive contact with a new dimension of musical tradition together with a larger time frame of residence at Labyrinth which will assist them in their efforts to improve their individual skills as well as their ability to work with others in the context of transcultural musical collaborations.

Under the direction and supervision of the artistic director Ross Daly as well as of the many teachers who conduct the weekly seminars, but as well the Maestro of the Orchestra Pavlos Spyropoulos the participants will work intensively and methodically on a multi-faceted contemporary and traditional musical repertoire.
The participation of the members of the Orchestra will be a basic and highly significant aspect of the weekly concerts which are organized at the end of each week of seminars (Friday night concerts) as well as of similar concerts which will be presented in other cities of Crete.