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It was organized by the M.W.L. with the sole intent of sharing with the local community the exquisite music produced by the teachers and students of Labyrinth.



The annual Houdetsi Festival first took place in 2010. It was organized by the Musical Workshop Labyrinth with the sole intent of sharing with the local community the exquisite music produced by the teachers and students of Labyrinth. All of the organization at the time was at a basically amateur level which was just sufficient to manage what was a relatively small festival which attracted between 4000 and 6000 visitors during its 4 day duration. The participation, especially of the youth of the village of Houdetsi, was more than merely impressive and the result was a four day celebration of rare musical idioms from various regions of the world in a truly magical atmosphere.

The generous gift of participation free of charge afforded us by world class musicians from Greece and abroad, coupled with the hard work of the organizing team who, although amateurs, performed like professionals resulted, in an exceptional event which even earned international acclaim, beyond the borders of Crete or Greece itself. Year after year the number of visitors drawn to the Houdetsi Festival increased rapidly resulting in last year's edition which was attended by upward of 50,000 people.

The basic organizational infrastructure of the Festival however remained essentially the same as that of 2010, despite the fact that many more musicians were coming to participate and the flow of visitors was increasing at an astaounding rate. Unfortunately however, the facilities of the festival (the concert venues, the toilets, the security infrastructure, etc.) all remained basically the same as those of the first years.

Clearly a festival of such a size as is the Houdetsi Festival in its current manifestation cannot rely on such limited facilities as are those currently available to it. Out of concern for the safety of all of the visitors who have embraced and supported it, as well as out of respect for all of the participants in the organization and execution of the festival who have brought it to such a level of excellence, we find ourselves obliged to cancel the organization of the festival for the summer of 2017. The aforementioned reasons for this cancellation are but a few of the many which indeed leave us with no other choice.

We are well aware of the fact that this decision will upset and disappoint many of our friends and visitors, but, believe us when we say that no one is more disappointed by this development than we ourselves who created the festival and who bear the responsibility for its organization.

If, at some time in the future, the Musical Workshop Labyrinth considers it to be appropriate (in accordance with our true goals) to once again organize an event such as the Houdetsi Festival or something along the same lines and of such dimensions, that will take place only with the full cooperation of all of the essential services and agencies such as can ensure the proper conditions for its safe and smooth transpiration.

The Musical Workshop Labyrinth however, will be very much alive and active in Houdetsi this summer, perhaps more so than ever, with dozens of concerts, seminars and other musical events especially chosen for the attentive and demanding audience which it is our proud privilege to host every year. More news about these events coming soon!

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