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Exhibition of Instruments of Modal Music 

28/8-30/9 Basilica of St. Markos - Heraklion (Center), Crete

Opening Hours:

Morning: 9:00-14:00 Monday to Saturday
Afternoon: 18:00-21:00  (Saturday closed) 

In this exhibition the musical instruments are presented according to their name and geographical origin.

During the last ten days of the exhibition (20 –9 to 30-9) lectures and small concerts will be presented by participants and teachers in the educational activities of the Labyrinth Musical Workshop.                                                                                                  

 Exhibition of Instruments of Modal Music - 28/8-30/9 Basilica of St. Markos

Εκθεση1This collection of musical instruments bears witness to my many years of wandering through a world of musical sounds which had enchanted me since childhood.

This world is none other than that of “Modal Music”, a unique category of musical idioms which focuses on melodic archetypes and which encompasses the massive geographical region extending from northwest Africa up until Western China, including North Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia and India.

All of the myriad of remarkable musical idioms to be found in this region are closely related to one another, not just on a historical level, but in such a way as to be readily apparent even to the casual listener.
For me each instrument constituted the means to enter into the mysteries of the musical world to which it belonged, and it is for this reason that this collection, rather than referring to the innumerable instruments which exist in the geographical location in question, reflects far more my own personal journey in the world of modal music.

This collection is also not comprised of antique or rare instruments which one could not easily find. On the contrary, almost all of the instruments here have been constructed by highly talented contemporary luthiers, and we can easily inform young aspiring musicians where to go in order to obtain one of equivalent quality.

For me the whole point of the exhibition is not to highlight the achievements of a glorious past but to assist in the creation of an even more glorious future. Regrettably, up until the present day, the incentive for a permanent location for this collection in a properly outfitted building appears to be somewhat lukewarm, a fact which, for me, raises many questions.

We express our gratitude to the Municipality of Heraklion who, even on a temporary basis and with deep respect for the spirit and the activities of Labyrinth, saw fit to host this exhibition.

Ross Daly

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