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Let’s see the benefits of participating in a music group!

• Usually we practice alone & we don’t have the opportunity to interact with other musicians, let alone with musicians who come from various other music traditions.
• In a music group we learn how to manage our dynamics, listen to & respect the others.
• Finally, working in a music group we start to understand how & why, which instruments work well together & which ones don't.
• From his side the instructor has got the opportunity to build a ‘small orchestra’ & experiment by blending the sounds of instruments which may seem at first glance incombatible.

The Music Groups for 2023

3-7 July in Choudetsi

Harris Lambrlakis -Music Communication beyond the words

10-15 July in Anogia

Kelly Toma- Music Group

17-22 July in Anogia

Manos Achalinotopoulos-The ‘eastern’ songs & melodies of the various Greek music traditions

24-29 July in Choudetsi

Arslan Hazreti-Azerbaijan repertoire (for all instruments)

31 July -5 August in Anogia 

Tigran Aleksanyan-Armenian music repertoire 

21-26 August in Anogia 

Zacharias Spyridakis-The Structure, the style & the different approach of the performance of  'Syrtos' in Cretan Music

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